I’m curious to know whether you are aware of your mental ability?

And I want you to consider, now, how much more you could enhance your performance if you can control your state of mind…

More and more athletes have made mental training a daily routine.

Visualizations, working on inner dialogue and goal setting may be some of their focus areas. How to control emotions may be yet another thing to work on as most athletes are well aware of that, if you cannot control your state of mind (and therefore feelings), you may choke under the pressure.

If you choke, all the time you’ve spent in the gym, on the field, in the pool or wherever you practice, will not be 100% utilized. Maybe you have already experienced choking and I invite you to go back and remember what happened the seconds before that choking occurred…

  • What did you see (inside your mind or around you)?
  • What and where did you focus (problem and pain or solution and willpower)?
  • What did you hear from outside or what did you tell yourself?
  • What kind of feelings did that trigger and in what direction did they spin?
  • Did your breathing change? (If so, in what way; did you stop breathing or did you breathe faster and shorter)?


What would have been different if you could have changed your mindset in that moment?

Some athletes and trainers still have their main focus on the physical and technical workout..

…missing out on the mental aspect that could enhance the performance. Unfortunately, the idea of the athlete being able to cope with his/hers own thoughts on their own, is still present in many clubs, thus preventing both the athlete and the club to achieve better results.

I know how much more you can perform when you can control your state of mind due to own experiences.

As a former competitive swimmer, back in the early ‘80s, my trainer introduced mental training to our elite group. At that time, autogenous training was the new thing and I trained myself to go from a state of nervousness to feeling calm and relaxed within10 seconds. That helped me perform even better and to achieve results that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Mental training and preparation also made it possible for me to run the Stockholm Marathon in 2011 without having done the necessary physical training beforehand.

While you have considered how much more you could enhance your performance by adding mental training and focus to your training program, it is time to let you know some of the areas I can help you with:

  • How to cope with stress and pressure (from yourself or the people around you)
  • How to be in Flow where you perform effortlessly
  • Your mindset and strategy
  • Your role in a team or group and how that can enhance performance
  • Confidence and attitude
  • To set Well formed goals
  • Build motivation
  • Building beliefs that supports you
  • How to leave bad experiences in the past while using the learning in the future
  • Time management
  • Visualization
  • Inner dialogue
  • … and much more

While you have now considered how much more you want to enhance your performance and in what area you want to start, now,

contact me here know more on how we can work together.

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