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Train Your Brain

Licensed Sports Performance Coach

Manuela Hjelseth

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Do you easily get nervous before a competition?
Do you choke half way?
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Licensed Sports Performance Coach – Manuela Hjelseth

  • Are your thoughts limiting or enhancing your performance?
  • Would you like to manage your state and be able to regain your state and balance when “the going gets tough”?
  • What could you achieve if you were in a flow more often, performing more at the top of your abilities instead of having a great performance every now and then?

How much of your performance is based on mental skills? – And what do you do to master these skills…?


If you think about it…

…Whit low confidence and doubt it’s easy to start thinking / talking negatively to yourself. The words focus and control may seem like strange, alien words. Maybe it doesn’t even matter that people around you tell you that you are good or that you can achieve.

The words you use, both to yourself and others, and the scenario you are picturing may have a more devastating effect on your performance than you may think.

You see, at the end of the day, it’s your mental state that will determine if your performance will be successful or not.

Like everything else, you can learn how to build powerful states that will support great performances – when you know how.

Train Your Brain to win the Game

You will learn how to:

  • Control your own emotions
  • Manage stress           
  • Be confident
  • Change limited beliefs
  • Build powerful states
  • Cope with pressure
  • Influence your opponents
  • Feel physically relaxed in a short time
  • Build motivation
  • Change negative self-talk
  • Reframe and change perspective in a situation
  • Turn failure into valuable information

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