NLP Sport Practitioner for trainers

Do you sometimes feel frustrated while standing on the sideline?

Have you noticed that the results can vary depending on what’s at stake?

You’ve prepared your athletes but they haven’t always been able to perform at the right time?

Do you know what really drives your athlete: to win or not to lose ….?

The list is endless when it comes to situations and behaviors that limit performance in sport.

 Maybe you have similar experiences?

What degree of influence do you have on your athlete?

I would also like you to consider how you communicate, motivate and develop each of your athletes.

If you strive for progress and success as a coach, you now have the opportunity to learn even more tools that can help your athletes to avoid limiting beliefs and non productive strategies. Instead, you can teach them how to control their emotions, which in turn will improve their performance.

Our performance is very much depending on how we think about it. It’s about how we structure our thoughts and how these thoughts affect our emotions and actions. If you generate negative internal dialogues or have limiting beliefs it will affect your performance in one way or the other. Self-esteem is based on our own ideas about ourselves.

You as a coach can greatly benefit from learning more about how the brain works. Our brain is the hard drive that controls the whole “machine”. When or if the hard drive gets hacked … it’s useful to know how you can reprogram the contents in a fast and effective way. Successful sports coaches have already integrated mental training for their athletes alongside with the physical and technical work and most top athletes are working with a mental trainer on a regular basis. 

Strive for excellence – make that choice

In the NLP Sport Practitioner seminar you will learn more about the structures in the brain. You will learn practical tools that you can implement in your daily work straight away..

Psychologists are looking on what is wrong with a person – as NLP’ers we look instead at what works.
NLP is the study of successful behavior.

Based on the methods and techniques that have been developed (and still is) by Dr. Richard Bandler for over 40 years, you can learn how to master your own mind, change and improve performance and achieve results on a different level. It will give you great tools to work with both individual athletes and teams.

Here are some examples of what participants in other countries say about NLP Sport Practitioner courses:

I can say that NLP has laid the foundation for my work with elite cyclists. It gave me the tool that allows me to help them reach greater heights and go through the learning process faster than ever before.

Jurrien – Former elite cyclist and now coach

The course has made me a better listener. It gave me more insight into how I can use my own senses, to see, hear and feel what people are trying to tell me.

But also how the minds of the people I work with prefer to communicate with and how they learn. It allows me to communicate in a better way.

Maria – former tennis player and sports director

The course gives you different ways of how you can communicate with athletes about their problems and challenges, and also the tools you can give to them in order to improve their performance.

In my personal life I have now become a better listener and I’m sure I can understand people better now than before.

Dirk – former tennis player and now coach

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to quickly change negative focus 
  • Perception and communication models to improve communication and cooperation with both athletes, colleagues and the media
  • How to change your perception and the meaning in a situation to cope in a more positive way
  • How to turn negative inner dialogue and/or inner images of yourself and others and how to help others do the same
  • Non-verbal cues and language patterns to influence and support athletes
  • How to motivate people
  • How to handle stress and pressure (and teach others to do the same)
  • How to change perspective to affect behavior/performance
  • Create well-formed outcomes
  • How to optimize strategies to get athletes achieve their goals
  • How to connect and reinforce positive, powerful states for yourself and others
  • How to alter perception of time to enhance an athletes technique
  • How to use metaphors in motivation
  • How to optimize visualization
  • … and much more

What will these new skills allow you to do?


You will become more competent in how to control your own state, maintaining your focus in all situations. That will allow you to make even better decisions. You will also understand the contextual motivational drivers and easily help the athletes by using practical methods.

Effective communication

You will be able to communicate effectively with others and easily adapt your communication as you will be more flexible in your approach. You will gain more insight and influence through language.

Improved results

By using your communication skills, you have more impact on your team. You’ll be able to support your athletes individually with practical tools.

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NLP seminars offer practical learning so you are prepared to work and participate actively during the entire course.

To whom is this course?

Whether you are elite or amateur coach, junior coach, sports manager or a personal trainer, you will learn techniques that will help you develop your results in your work.

NLP Sport Practitioner course

Structure: 3 modules over 3 days = total of 9 days


Time: 09:00 to 17:00, every day


Investment: NOK 27,000 (including materials, lunch, coffee / tea and fruit during breaks)

Deposit: NOK 5000 (confirming registration)

Trainer: Manuela Hjelseth

For more information, please contact Manuela Hjelseth:

or phone: + 47-97751470

If you want to run the course internally in a club for your coaches, please contact us for a quote:

You also have an option for further trainings in mental training for athletes and sports coaches in Norway and/or abroad. An education in mental training which is internationally recognized by The Society of NLP and Dr. Richard Bandler.


Licensed NLP Sports Practitioner

-> Licensed NLP Sports Master Practitioner

-> Licensed Sports Performance Coach Level I TM ( April 1-9 2017 in Calpe, Spain

-> Licensed Sports Performance Coach Level II TM (

You can participate in the Licensed Sports Performance Coach Level I and II both in Norway and abroad. In Norway, it will be conducted in Norwegian and abroad it will be conducted in English as the participants (sports coaches, mental coaches and athletes) are coming from several countries.

NLP Sports Master Practitioner course will be run in collaboration with Anders Piper, International Sports Director of the Society of NLP.

Anders Piper will conduct licensed Sports Performance Coach Level I and II.

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